Elínrós Díanadóttir is a Swedish-Icelandic spiritual artist, healing channel guide, and writer based in Shoreditch, London. A self-announced ‘soul explorer’.

With a tapestry of visual art, sound, and the written word, Elínrós’ intention is to connect on a soul-level with everyone who comes in touch with her work.

The artist is currently working on her first oracle deck, the Return to Love Oracle. It consists of 44 artworks with spiritual guidance, meditations, and prayers.

Return to Love is also the title of the art exhibiton planned for the end of 2021.

Artist Statement

“In art, life is allowed to be as poetic and unreal as it truly is, when we look beyond the physical and the obvious.

Art is my way of actively creating a physical reality capable of reflecting the unseen worlds; I merge the invisible and intangible with the mundane and obvious, by morphing the familiar and the mysterious.

My current oracle deck series Return to Love includes work spanning from 2016 up until now. It is the culmination of five years’ work in the realm of art and spirit.

The intention is simply to empower all of us to Return to Love.”

March 10, 2021


Solo exhibition at art space La Citadelle, Bastia, France | April 2019
Solo exhibition at art shop La P’tite Usine, Bastia, France | Feb 2019
Solo exhibition at hotel 2 Friends Beach Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda | May 2017
Solo exhibition, ‘The Divine Matrix’, art house MishMash, Kampala, Uganda | April 2016
7 week Group exhibition at See // Exhibition space, New York | July-Sept 2014
Poetry performance and sound design composition at RedSonic Festival at Red Gallery, London, UK | April 2013
Group exhibition Team Rex Show at the Google building, London | Dec 2012 – Jan 2013
Group exhibition Team Rex at Red Gallery, London, UK | Sept 2012
Group exhibition Leytonstone Arts Trail, London, UK | July 2012
Group exhibition Team Rex at Red Gallery, London | Aug-Sept 2012
Group exhibition Leytonstone Arts Trail, London | July 2012
Commissioned mural at the Empire Gallery on Vyner street, London | 2011
Group show at the Empire Gallery on Vyner street, London | 2010
Performance ‘Art Destruction’ with series ‘Purgatorio’ on Piccadilly Circus 2010
Solo exhibition at cULTUREN, Sweden | 2008


2007 – 2008 Ottawa School of Art Certificate, Fine Art, CA
2007 Awarded The Brodie Shearer Memorial scholarship at Ottawa school of Art, CA
2005 Linköpings universitet, Exhibition production course, SW
2000 – 2003 Culture School Carlforsska, SW