About Elínrós

cosmic shaman, divine channel & certified energetic master

Elínrós has been working with Angelic healing for almost 10 years, using creative expression as a way to channel high-frequency energy and forgotten wisdom into physical form where it is accessible to everyone via the five basic senses. With sound, music, poetry, words, visual art and movement, a deeply creative tapestry of healing is woven. It is a body of work that is both visceral and ethereal, felt in the body but also felt in the soul.

It is Elínrós’ belief that the Divine is all and that all is Divine. She sees it as her mission in life to help others to come into contact with their divinity, their soul. To move closer and closer to embodying that transcendent, unconditionally loving, free and infinitely joyous part of themselves. And from that place, the spiritual expansion is infinite.

With her oracle deck and healing modality Return to Light Oracle, she is offering a creative, fun and potent path full of magic and Divinity. It is a set of 34 oracle cards that come with healing sessions and transformative elements that speak to the soul, such as Light Language and Light Codes, sound healing, energetic transmissions, poetry that opens the heart and so much more.

There is no end to how far we can expand our souls, she says, and with practices we can learn how to not only connect to God, the Angels, Source or Buddha and all levels of divinity, but we also come to realise that it is us. That we are one. And that it is all a matter of perspective.

From the highest vantage point, when we see with Divine Vision, there is no separation. This Divine Vision is inherent within all of us as an integral part of our soul structure. Healing modalities such as the Return to Light Oracle assist to remove the veils of illusion, karmic debris and inner resistance that obstruct the view.

Over the years, Elínrós has exhibited art in various places, performed poetry and sonic poetry, published articles and some songs, etc. In her eyes, it has all been a crescendo of a symphony of creative expression now coming together as one in the Return to Light Oracle. Accessible to all, and so much fun too! Everything serves, dear one.

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