Oracle Card XVI. Miracles

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to the oracle card XVI. Miracles – They Are Coming For You 💕

General Guidance

Open your eyes to the miracles flowing to you from the Universe. As your heart opens to the world and as you heal and discover more of your true self, you become more susceptible to miracles. This is because noticing miracles and being receptive to them is what creates them.

With the right mixture of balance in feminine and masculine – being and doing, giving and receiving – we open to miracles. There is no old man in the clouds deciding whether you are worthy or not. You do. And this oracle card is an affirmation of your spiritual growth and increasing self-love and self-worth.

A miracle can be many things, but it is born out of a perceptional shift. You might be blessed with the crystal clear awareness that wakes you up to the miraculous workings of nature, life, and existence. A flower can suddenly make your knees soft with its purity and beauty. A miracle can be the resolution and healing of a situation that you are aware of or unaware of.

A miracle can be a blessing in disguise, as the universe steps in to lead you towards something even better. A miracle can be being lifted into higher consciousness, waking up to the divinity within all that is. An attitude of gratitude will always speed up the process.

Congratulations to you sweet soul. The miracles are coming for you.

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