Oracle Card XVII. Transmission

General Guidance

You have many superpowers and on this path of ascension, you get to discover more and more gifts, powers, and skills. One of these superpowers is to receive information, energy, wisdom, frequencies, guidance, tools, healing, light codes, activations, and much more, from All that is. Being open to transmissions is one of the ways that you harness these possibilities.

If you have had an intuitive knowing of such a transmission, this is your confirmation. If you feel guided to connect to certain beings, planes, frequencies, angels, ancestors, spirits, planets, galaxies, or other, then this card is encouraging to do so via the art of receiving transmissions.

Nothing needs to be complicated in this Divinely Intelligent cosmos when we are tapped in, open, and willing. You can receive transmissions in meditation, during sleep, when you are open and relaxed, in nature, and in guided transmissions.

1-min Video Guidance for Card XVII. Transmission

Watch this 1-minute video for general guidance on the Transmission-card. Remember to subscribe on YouTube for upcoming meditations, transmissions, readings, prayers, and more! Step by step, we are returning to Love.

Full Video Guidance for Card XVII. Transmission

This video offers more in-depth guidance about the oracle card Transmission. Each card in the Return to Love Oracle can assist you as deep as you want to go. When you work with this oracle you will go deeper over time, discovering so much wisdom, support, and spiritual growth.

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