Oracle Card XXXVIII. Walk of Shame

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to the oracle card XXXVIII. Walk of Shame – Cast Off Cultural Shaming. Many blessings. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿค—

General Guidance

Working with shame is one of the most important pieces in healing the self because it is at the root of a vast web of psychological mechanics that rule our life until we bring light to the dark parts of the personality. Let’s call shame fear’s twin sister. This web consists of defense mechanisms, self-criticism, control issues, addictions, a need to micromanage life, and even self-hate and so forth. The rabbit hole goes deep. But all we need to heal is honesty, patience, self-love, courage, and a willingness to heal.

Guilt arises when we think that we have done something wrong, which can be helpful short-term, as it points out when we have acted against our values, and then we can make amends. We all make mistakes. But shame arises when we believe that we as people are wrong. “I am inherently wrong, despicable, disgusting, and broken.”

Growing up in an abusive household and other traumatic events lead to shame. Shame can also build up within us throughout life when we are judged by people, society, and cultures who state that something is wrong with us for some reason or other. It can be a sexual orientation or some other way of being or behaving that doesn’t adhere to current societal standards. The more original you are in your approach to life, the bigger chance you are going to be judged, because originality is not appreciated in a conformist society.

Sometimes the root of the shame is obvious, but it can also take decades before one realizes what one carries deep within because shame is masterful at hiding behind all manner of mechanisms, as mentioned in the beginning.

Spiritual Implications of Shame

The spiritual implications of shame can often result in energy blocks. In this case, there are literally parts of us that hide from the light because it is…. ashamed. Ashamed to be seen. Ashamed to be found out. Because it hates itself. That’s why it is sabotaging the energetic streams from within and blocks out the streams of love and light that we are working so hard to bring in, in our spiritual practices.

Shamed parts of us will also put walls around the heart and third eye and other all chakras, and sabotage our practices by not wanting to surrender, not wanting to open up, not wanting to trust, not wanting to believe, not feeling loved and welcome by life. This makes it very hard to stay grounded and manifest with purpose and passion. As you can see, this little inner saboteur is setting up a lot of roadblocks and creating inner conflicts and resistances. This ends up being extremely depleting.

Shamed parts of us are tired. Depressed. Full of fear and self-hatred. They will do anything to be not found out. But we can heal these parts by reaching in, touching them with our love and compassion. When they feel heard and seen and loved, they transform.

This is a sneaky way that we are actually trying to protect ourselves. And we can work through this in a safe way and bring healing compassion to the parts of us that have been “exiled” from us at some point in life when we decided to just shove away those difficult feelings somewhere deep inside because we didn’t know how to handle it. And by doing that, we thought that we had handled it. Little did we know the ramifications of what shame is capable of orchestrating from within.

Shamed parts of us are tired. Depressed. Full of fear and self-hatred. They will do anything to be not found out. But we can heal these parts by reaching in, touching them with our love and compassion. When they feel heard and seen and loved, they transform.

Most importantly, remember that all parts of you are Divine, even those parts that do not know it yet. And healing is available. All you need is a willingness to look at your life and love yourself into wholeness, step by step, piece by piece. Please see below for helpful resources.

Protect Yourself

And lastly, don’t let anyone shame you. Never. Ever. You are a Divine Sovereign Being and this is Your life. You decide what’s right and wrong for you. You do you, they do they. You deserve to be surrounded by people who love and support you for the magnificent, beautiful being that you are. Exactly as you are. 100% of you. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿค—

Healing Shame with IFS

This is a series of educating videos that will give you a deep understanding of how shame operates in your personality and psyche, and it’s concluded with a healing meditation led by Derek Scott, a certified therapist and social worker. The IFS System (internal family system) acknowledges the Divine Self (referred to as “self” and “self energy”) and I find this short series to be absolutely mindblowing. It is also compassionate, intelligent, gentle, and loving. For this reason, I decided to share it here for those of you who want to heal any issues with shame.

Healing Shame with Reiki

Reiki Rachel is a magnificent reiki healer. Please do take the opportunity to receive her blessings of healing and enlightenment on YouTube!

Healing Cosmic Shaman Journies

Go deep, deep, deep within on the inner and far, far on the outer, with the cosmic shamans Opheana and Sikaal. They are phenomenal.

Oracle Art

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