New painting: Qual al Raval

Quan al Raval is the second big painting I’ve created on Spanish soil, in the magical provice of Catalunya. Thereby the Catalan name, which translates into When in El Raval. It was indeed painted in the famous barrio El Raval, known for being rough and full of adventure and character. Also known for not being very safe, but never felt unsafe there. It was an inspiring place to live for a while. It can bring out whatever has been hidden, so if you want to unleash yourself… come to El Raval!

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As soon as I have my studio space I’ll be filming all painting sessions to share the joy and inspiration with you all. Because I have realized even deeper how cherished these moments of creative connection and flow are to all of us. Available in art shop.

May we all surrender into our hidden depths to unravel and unleash our essence.