Oracle Card XXV. Purging Illusions

General Guidance

You have the opportunity to purge illusions that have been holding you back. This can happen in many ways. It might be a quick process or a longer one, depending on your unique needs at this very moment. Open up to the Universe and say Yes! to this opportunity if you are ready for more freedom, truth, and clarity.

Once we start releasing illusions, we are truly surprised by how many layers we gather over time on Earth. Humanity is struggling with many collective illusions that are pushing to be released and you are one of the souls at the forefront of this healing momentum.

This healing work is what brings us all closer to Love, and remember, all the healing work you do for yourself and others benefits the entire Human Collective, Mother Earth, and all of Her other kingdoms.

Clear Requests to the Divine

Did you ever notice that the word Archangels has the word change in it? Healing change is Divine growth, and the Divine Archangels are here to assist you on your path. The Divine Intelligence will bring you the answers swiftly when you are open and attentive, in the most curious ways. It becomes easier when you learn to formulate your needs and questions in a precise manner. For example:

“Divine Archangels, thank you for teaching me how to be more honest and truthful in life.”

“Divine Archangels, thank you for showing me my true self.”

“Divine Archangels, thank you for helping me realize where I am not being honest with myself.”

“Divine Archangels, thank you for blessing me with courage and strength so that I may purge all illusions in my life.”

For each illusion you purge, you step closer to your Divine Self. We are lucky to have you as a part of the Human Collective. Thank you for your service.