Oracle Card IV. Sacred Vessel

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to the oracle card IV. Sacred Vessel – Be the Light. Break the Chain.

General Guidance

Humans are moving away from reactive and unconscious behaviors, dictated by subconscious fears, traumas, and the habit of going through life on auto-pilot.

The more aware we become and the more we embody our Soul, our power to stay in our Integrity and Truth increases.

And when we expand our consciousness to embody more of our Spirit, we become a tremendous force for Good in this world, because of our influence and impact.

now. There are many levels of awareness to attain and this is a journey of growth that never ends. There is no goal to reach except for being present in each moment.

The road can be tough at times, as we go from “surviving life” to actually living it, centered in love, compassion, and joy. The psychological mechanics of survival are not only referring to having a great job and beautiful relationships in life but how we operate on the deep, deep level.

Soul fulfillment is something that very few people have accomplished so far.

Social Mechanics of the Fear Matrix (aka 3rd Dimension)

Social mechanics such as manipulation, compromise, control, conditional love, and conditional joy is still keeping humanity locked in a grip of fear. Although most people are indeed not conscious of it or ready to admit to this truth. This is one of the many chains we are breaking now collectively, and you are an integral part of this work.

When we can truly live in alignment with our Soul Values, be ourselves 100%, and be centered in Love No Matter What, then we have started living for real.

Our societies and cultures are going through this transformation and so are we on a personal level. Stubborn karmic loops that have kept us stuck in fear, guilt, insecurity, shame, manipulation, control issues, and competition are being broken on a global scale.

This card comes to you for several reasons. First of all, you need to know that you have the power to be the light and break the chain of any circumstance in your life that may be challenging you to grow right now. No mud no lotus, dear. And remember that your external life is a reflection of your internal life and you can heal in a second by choosing Love, Truth, and Light. Over and over and over again.

“Choose You.”

No Need For Dramatics

There is no need for dramatics and beware: the pendulum swings. If your mood is unstable it will swing high and low with equal measure. It is very helpful to find one’s center also in the realm of emotions, feelings, and energetic flows.

Looking around in society it might seem logical to draw the conclusion that drama is a part of life. That it is a natural way of interacting with other humans and the unfoldment of life itself. It is not. Life simply is. And you can also just be you, in the midst of any hurricane or storm that is moving through your life at this moment.

Some Will Be Inspired, Others Will Be Annoyed

You have the right to find your inner peace and to hold that space firmly and protect it. Your powerful field of unconditional love, light, and peace is your protection. People will try to rattle you. They will try to push your buttons. Others will call you boring. Indeed, some people will try hard to rock your boat, but their emotional distress has nothing to do with you. Choose you.

The Power of No

It doesn’t matter what happens; you have the power to break the chain of negative energy flows by not participating in the game. And each time you do, you heal yourself, the people around you, and the collective consciousness. Our paths of personal healing have a healing effect on all that is. So I congratulate you. I love you. I adore your strength and tenacity. Thank you.

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