Oracle Card V. Balancing Energies

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to oracle card V. Balancing Energies – The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine.

General Guidance

Regardless of gender, we all have feminine and masculine energies. When these are healed into their highest expression – going from wounded to Divine – and brought into balance, we become whole, integrated beings.

The Divine Feminine is the essence of your beingness, openness, receptivity, compassion, faith, surrender, unconditional love, and grace. She just IS and she is Divine. She receives the wisdom, guidance, intuition, soul light, earthlight, and Divine Frequencies.

The Divine Masculine is all about action, power, discernment, trust, protection, assertion, boundaries, safety, and direction. He holds space for the Divine Feminine and keeps her safe and empowers her to bring into the world that which the heart yearns for.

We all need all of these qualities, to varying degrees throughout the day, the week, and as life moves on. The heart both pushes out the blood and receives it. We are the alpha and the omega. Sun and Moon. Flesh and Spirit. Knowledge and Intuition. Intelligence and feeling. Mind and Heart.

How to Nurture Your Divine Feminine

Explore these different sides of you with curiosity to discover how you can find a balance in life. There are times when the body is tired and we feel vulnerable or disconnected from our sensuality – that is when we need to nurture our divine feminine with self-love and self-care.

Take a goddess bath, buy flowers and scented candles, express yourself creatively and intuitively with dance, painting, or singing. Give yourself a hug, wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy. And this goes for all genders.

Tips To Strengthen Your Divine Feminine

  • Dance and move your body with sensuality and grace
  • Spend time in meditation and silence
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Take goddess baths with candles and flower petals
  • Fill your home with wonderful scents and flowers
  • Dress in a way that makes you feel irresistible and sexy
  • Massage and moisturize your body
  • Allow yourself to receive help from other people
  • Spoil yourself once in a while… treat yoself!
  • Go on a walk with no goal or destination… stroll and smell the roses along the way
  • Appreciate your body as it is… connect with yourself in front of the mirror and learn to love all parts of you
  • Express your creativity without any criticism… sing and paint and dance to your heart’s desires, just let it flow!
  • Explore what makes you feel magnetic
  • Get rid of people who don’t love you exactly as you are

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How to Nurture Your Divine Masculine

While the Divine Feminine needs softness, beauty, solitude, meditation, yoga, and ambiance to fully bloom, The Divine Masculine has a hunger for intellectual knowledge and a massive need to GROUND. He needs to know what’s going on, at least the overall context, which can be challenging when we go from ego-driven life to Spirit-driven life.

When we surrender to our Soul and Spirit, we often only know one single step at a time. We are not able to strategize and plan 1,000 steps ahead, simply because we are co-creating with the Universe.

This is when we need to respect our own Divine Masculine and nurture Him into a new way of being. He needs to develop Trust in the Divine and grow into the awareness that He IS the Divine. That is when it all beings to click into place. But until that day, it is important to dedicate oneself to practices that nurture a sense of safety and stability within mystery and chaos.

Tips to Strengthen Your Divine Masculine

  • Exercise and exhaust yourself with for example running, weight training, HIIT
  • Ground yourself daily by connecting your skin to the earth for a minimum of 25 minutes
  • Educate yourself in areas that are currently relevant to you and combine Intellectual Knowledge with Intuition
  • Define your worth as your inherent value, not based on external accomplishments
  • Assert your boundaries in all circumstances and remember that the boundaries are for YOU, not for people around you, which is a common misunderstanding
  • Make time to discern what is true and real to you
  • Define YOUR values and live by them to develop a true sense of self-esteem
  • When self-critical thoughts arises, tell that inner critic that it needs to get with the program and realize that you are a Divine Magnificent Soul and an embodiment of the most exquisite love and light
  • Remind your Divine Masculine daily that the personality and the mind are here to CO-CREATE and COLLABORATE with Spirit and that he needs to CHILL OUT once in a while so that your Divine Feminine can go within, listen to guidance, and decide what step to take… THEN he may bring all his power and take action… while staying in constant touch with the Feminine and Spirit
  • Then remember to thank him for his tremendous power and ingenuity, patience and trust
  • Allow yourself to be proud of your accomplishments that are aligned with your highest values and treat yourself! Give yourself a pat on the shoulder and roar like a LION(ESS) because you are awesome!!!

What The Divine Feminine Is NOT

The Divine Feminine is not weak. Her softness is her strength. Her surrender is her power. She surrenders to the Divine Will. And it is her sensuality and magnetism that calms down the Divine Masculine and seduces Him with poetry only felt in the heart. The Divine Feminine is not submissive, only wise enough to know when to listen and wait for the word of God to unfold in her awareness.

What The Divine Masculine Is NOT

The Divine Masculine is out of balance when we start grasping for control in life, when we are self-critical and have low self-esteem. Ungroundedness, being spaced out, and mindfog are also typical signs that our masculine needs to be nurtured.

We are living in an era that is ruled by the wounded masculine, disconnected from Spirit, and ruled by fear-based ego. That is NOT the Divine Masculine. Do not confuse the “Go Go Go GO!!” mentality and desperate power-grasping with the Divine Masculine. That is the WOUNDED masculine. The Divine Masculine is connected to Spirit and co-creates life with the Divine.

The Divine Masculine is an extension of “God Himself” holding space for Divine Creation to beautifully expand in your life. The Divine Masculine trusts in the intuition of the Divine Feminine and empowers her and keeps her safe while she creates her beauty. Together, they give birth to a fulfilled, Divine life.

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How To Balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

In addition to becoming more attentive to these different sides of you and nurturing them both with equal love, respect, and compassion, you can always ask the Universe for help. Learn how to request assistance, wisdom, and clarity with PRECISE REQUESTS.

Place your hands on your heart and firmly declare:

“Divine Universe, bring me the information and wisdom I need now to balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Thank you!”

“Divine Archangels, thank you for clarifying to me what I need to know about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine now to bring myself into fulfillment and balance.”

“My beloved guardian angel, thank you for guiding me to the information, circumstances, and situations that will deepen my understanding of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine today. Thank you!”

“Divine Ascended Masters and Guardians of the Light, thank you for teaching me everything that I need to know about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine so that I may bring myself into perfect balance now. Thank you!”

We are standing on the shoulder of giants, my dear, and we have all we need to succeed within us. When you connect with Divine beings, you connect to a higher part of you, because we are all one. Allow yourself to be lifted up into the higher realms and receive all blessings of love and light with an open mind and grateful heart.

Enjoy This Dance of Electricity & Magnetism

We call Life to us as we simultaneously create life in a dance of co-creation. The electric movement forward is the Divine Masculine, and the magnetic pull inward is the Divine Feminine. Contemplate this as you breathe in and breathe out. As you speak and as you listen. As you give and receive.

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So much love,

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