Oracle Card XLII. Shamanic Wisdom

General Guidance

The human body is a very tiny (and temporary) part of us, and that goes as well for the Animal Kingdom. Animals have spirits; expansive, eternal, Divine soul collectives, and they are serving Mother Earth as well as Humanity.

As this world evolves, we will all be connected, beautifully supporting each other in a planetary soul system, much like an ecosystem. And extending further, the planetary soul system is a part of a galactic soul/ecosystem. Extending further out into infinity… Until we zoom out and realize the oneness of all.

Developing a deep connection to the Animal Kingdoms on a spiritual level brings you closer to Oneness, Unity Consciousness. It will serve you and all that is.

This oracle card invites you to connect to different Animal Spirits consciously. You may do this by going on a shamanic journey with a guide or in a guided meditation, or by meditating to whale sounds, for example. They hold wisdom necessary for your evolution.

Follow your guidance and open your heart to the Animal Kingdoms. They are also Divine, just like you, and they are longing for a more intimate connection with you.

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