Oracle Card XLV. Messages

General Guidance

The Universe is communicating with you via messages and urging you to notice the signs. These messages may come through in many ways, and you probably know what they are already. Sometimes we try to ignore messages, if they seem inconvenient to us, or if they aren’t what we wanted to hear.

The Divine will only send you messages of love, light, and truth. Messages that empower your soul and lead to positive outcomes.

What messages have you been ignoring?

We often think that change is a lot more difficult than it is. The brain, and the mind, prefer to just keep on spinning in the same old loops, which is why we usually feel resistance to anything and everything that deviates from our current routines and norms.

Remember, we can also move in a new direction by taking one conscious step after another, instead of focusing too much on a distant goal that feels overwhelming.

You might need to give yourself a little push. Or take some time to meditate so that you can hear the messages and feel the truth within when it comes to you. Because this card indicates that you’re asking and asking, yet not listening.