Oracle Card XV. Divine Inspiration

On this page, I have gathered videos, articles, artwork and other resources relating to oracle card XV. Divine Inspiration – Express Your Creativity With Passion

General Guidance

One of the most spectacular things about living on this planet is that it is a creative paradise. Yes, the Earth is known as a planet of magical manifestation and creativity.

While the physical and material dimension can feel challenging to those of you who are very spiritually evolved and prefer the higher dimensions, the material plane is absolutely magnificent when find our footing and our center.

Making love to the physical dimension in all its glory is one of the best ways to heal our relationship to life, our bodies, this material experience, and to have a lot of fun as well.

Open up to Divine Inspiration and express your creativity with passion. Dance. Sing. Paint. Create the circumstances needed for you to let your hair down and forget about any insecurities.

Liberate yourself and just let it flow. Go, go, go! You have the creative genius of Mother Earth pumping in your veins.

How To Get The Juices Flowing

I have created a video with affirmations for creativity that you can listen to a few times to get the juices flowing. It works. Listen to them in your headphones while you do other things and let them wake up your subconscious and calibrate your mind. See below.

And I ask that you forget what you consider to be “a good painting”, “a nice singing voice”, or what you look like when you dance. It does not matter. We have been programmed in society to have opinions and judgements about EVERYTHING and it does nothing but kill the spirit and purity of what is.


Close the curtains. Dim the lights. Put on some loud music that you love or use your headphones. Maybe light some candles, burn some essential oils or an incense stick. Put on some clothes that make you feel amazing. And maybe some lipstick if it awakens your sensuality. Then dance. Nobody is watching. Appreciate your body. Feel the rhythm and get lost. Get outside of the usual program and be free in your movements.

Divine Dancing is not about looking pretty, it is about feeling AMAZING. About letting go of all tension. About feeling like the wind itself and set oneself on fire. 🔥


Bring out the easel and an empty canvas. Splash paint on the palette and attack the painting with your brushes and palette knives… Or go slowly and lose yourself in the nuances, patterns, shapes, textures, and lines.

If you feel tense about not being able to paint something that looks “real” just go abstract! This is not about “producing great work”. We are not at the factory. We are free, Divine beings, rejoicing in the freedom and joy of expressing ourselves.

When this oracle card comes to you, you are encouraged to dive into the creative abyss. Come what may. Make some time and space for your creativity and do you know what? You can throw away the painting if you want. No need to keep it. This is all about being in the moment and being free.

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