Oracle Card XXVII. Conscious Speech

General Guidance

This oracle card is a reminder of how powerful your words are. Choose them wisely and take responsibility for what you think and say. This is a tremendous opportunity to take charge of the unfoldment of your life.

The words we say and think are the bricks that we build our reality with. They dictate what happens in the future, how we feel in the moment, and how we make others feel.

Just pay attention to what you are thinking throughout the day, about other people, situations, and yourself. Are you being authentic? Are you speaking the Truth and are you coming from Love, our are you going on autopilot and being judgemental?

Do Not Ignore Your Mind

Some people suggest that we should ignore our thoughts and not take them so seriously. And seriousness tends to create a lot of tension, which does not allow for conscious expansion, so adding some relaxation and humor into the mix is always healthy.

However, we cannot grow if we just ignore what is going on. If we do, life continues to appear to “just happen to us” although we are the ones creating it. Finding a balance of working with the mind without too much stress or force, without sticking one’s head in the sand, is very empowering.

The light of your awareness is enough to ignite a cascade of profound transformation in your inner world—and consequently—your inner world. It is not fun to realize how far away we might be from how we perceive ourselves to be, or wish that we were.

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Unpleasant Discoveries

A person who considers her/himself to be a loving and spiritual person might discover that they are not as loving as they thought they were. We become so accustomed to thought patterns and loops that have been with us for our entire life that we do not even notice them.

Subconsciously, we are aware of this, and it is one of the reasons why we have so much resistance to doing the work required to bring all this into the light of our awareness. But do not let that stop you.

“Ha, ha!”

You can have some humor and laugh a bit at yourself. At your ego. Making these unpleasant discoveries is the path to freedom, enlightenment, and the true embodiment of your Soul.

It is the awareness that is going to make you grow and become the person you want to be. A person who is truly integrated and congruent. Compassionate and authentic. Unconditionally loving and an unstoppable force of Love, Truth, and Light in this world.

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