Oracle Card XXXIII Slow Down

General Guidance

When life stresses you out, it is a clear indication that you are living out of alignment with yourself. You have lost your center and your grounding in the present moment.

You have enough integrity and self-love to stop for a moment. We just need to slow down, get fully present in our bodies again and reassess our lifestyle and choices that knock us out of balance.

It can be people that are not respecting your boundaries, poor dietary choices, or neglecting the body, mind, and soul in daily life routines. Or perhaps you are the one who is not respecting your own boundaries? Do you know what they are? What about your needs, are you allowing yourself to have needs, and are you fulfilling them?

Your unique presence in this world is invaluable

When your cup is full, you can give, and give, and give. When it is not, your body suffers, your spirituality, your relationships, your productivity… everything suffers when your cup is not full. So, when you take care of yourself, you are doing everyone a favor. Because you are needed here. So much. Your unique presence in this world is invaluable.

We all fill our cup in different ways. Take the time to find out how to fill your own cup and keep filling it. Fill. It. Up. No shame or guilt has a place in a life centered in love, gratitude, service, and happiness. We get to have compassion for those who are yet to value themselves enough to treat themselves like royalty. (Even if that person is you from time to time).

Be Careful Who You Listen To

Some may say that it’s cool to stretch yourself beyond what’s humanly possible, like some sort of superhuman. Money in the bank or harder abs or flatter tummy or at least a pat on the shoulder of approval from the boss or a colleague or that person you are dating or in a relationship with.

We stretch ourselves for a reason and with self-inquiry and self-examination, we get to be really honest with ourselves about what perceived hole within we are trying to fill. Again, no shame or guilt or judgement needed. That just keeps us locked down, tied up, and stuck.

This is about being truthful—unapologetically so—to oneself. You can keep your insights and epiphanies to yourself if you want to. We all have our own journies, truths, and paths.

Human beings are so adaptable and many of us with strong minds can survive the most strenuous of circumstances. And as was hinted, stress is many times celebrated in our current cultural paradigm. But this oracle is asking you to immediately step on the breaks and ask yourself: How do you want to live your life?

Hold on a moment.
How do you want to live your life?

Moving away from stress can, ironically, be a long process. Changing lifestyle is never a quick flip although we might like to think so. By taking small steps to improve our wellbeing we can gradually decrease stress over time. But please do not listen to those who have told you that you need to stress and push and struggle to be worthy of love or success. You are worthy of everything. Right now. Without having to do anything to prove your worth.

About the Return to Love Oracle

Return to Love is a 55-card oracle deck with a guidebook, meditations, and prayers. This oracle deck gives you Divine guidance and wisdom and I created it for art lovers who want to heal and grow with the Universe! Use the cards to receive soul wisdom, loving guidance, and universal support. The deck is comprised of 55 original fine art paintings and drawings created over the last six years.