Oracle Card XXXIII. The Heart of Gaia

General Guidance

Getting to know Gaia, Mother Earth, on a very intimate level is a deeply spiritual process with no end. A planetary consciousness is so vast, ancient, magical, and expansive that we can spend lifetimes discovering new dimensions of Her Motherly grace, creativity, ingenuity, generosity, and love.

This card is a message to you from Gaia. She wants to fill you with Her love. She wants to soothe, heal, replenish, and love you more into wholeness.

The best way to establish an intimate connection with Gaia if you haven’t done so already is to spend time alone in nature. Walk with bare feet on the ground, sense the wind on your skin, listen to the breeze in the trees, and then talk to Her out loud. She will respond when you listen in the most unexpected ways.

Don’t beat yourself up if you feel disconnected from nature. Most societies are suffering from this ailment now and it’s affecting us negatively spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We are meant to be in connection with Her always. Science is showing us how nature connection is healing our bodies. Connect your heart to Her heart in meditation, in a forest walk, and while swimming in the ocean. Keep working on this connection until you feel Her filling you with her healing energy. When you are connecting to Her, you will know! See resources below.

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