Oracle Card XXXIX. Bending Realities

General Guidance

This card is bringing to your attention the ability to move through different realities by surfing vibrational shifts. When your vibration shifts, your reality shifts. Are you currently surfing new realities or preparing to?

Portals to new vibrational realities become available to you when your vibration changes. This can go both ways; you may enter a lower or higher vibrational reality, depending on where you are headed on your frequency bandwidth.

If you want to change to a higher vibrational reality with more love, peace, joy, freedom, and truth – engage in practices that raise your vibration, such as meditation, yoga, mantras, channeling, prayer, conscious speech, and so on. Focus on embodying deeper love, more soul light, and grace.

We might feel that we are stuck in the world we’re in, but we’re not. By choosing our frequency at any given moment, we take charge of our reality. Over time, we become more skilled at surfing our realities, but it takes some time in the beginning. The energy is clearing, so be patient, diligent, and stubborn.

Receiving this card does however indicate that you have come far on your progress and that you are now stepping into a new reality. Be prepared to feel a bit confused, uncertain, and remember that the more you stay centered, open, and curious, the easier the shift becomes. Don’t fear the unknown or run back to what feels familiar… remember, you have been working so hard to reach these new heights.