Oracle Card XXXV. Elemental Wisdom

Let The Elements Guide You Home

General Guidance

The 5 elements are Wind, Water, Fire, Earth & Light/Spirit. We can work with the elements to come back to our wholeness, simply by connecting to them, often and deeply. This card is encouraging you to explore this ancient wisdom as part of your spiritual practice.

When we are working with the elements it is best to leave the analytical mind on the shelf. This is a place for the heart, the soul, and all the senses beyond our basic five. The Elemental Wisdom is vast and it goes deeper than we can ever go.

You will connect most profoundly with the elements when you are alone in nature and allow stillness to settle in. It can be a bit unsettling to be alone, in stillness, in nature, and many people avoid it because it brings stuff to the surface.

You will hear your silly thoughts, feel those feelings you have been trying to suppress and nature will give you a very sharp and authentic reflection of yourself. This is exactly why it is so effective, yet it can feel a bit too honest and raw sometimes.

💞 Remember to Practice Self-Care

If you do find that an experience has made you feel extra vulnerable, find a way to soothe yourself as well and practice self-care in combination. You can for example take a cozy bath when you come home from a hike or cook an extra nice meal that evening to take care of yourself.

Use your intuition to decide what would suit you best right now. The warm rays of the sun are always soothing, as is the gentle crackling of a fire, the cooling breeze of a soft wind on a warm day?

Or perhaps it is the earth that is calling you to take off your shoes and socks and to connect with the ground. To work in the garden and get soil underneath your fingernails. To go out on a run in the heavy rainfall and let the water cleanse you as your fire is building up inside, purifying all your bodies and fields?

Tip: If you don’t have a fireplace at home you can actually connect really well with fire by playing a fireplace video for a couple of hours in the evening at home on your iPad.

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