Blocked Vision


Pencil and Ink Drawing | Page from Moleskine Sketchbook | 2016 | Ca. 9 x 13.9 cm

Materials: Conte a Paris graphite, Faber Castell pencil, and Faber Castell ink on Moleskin sketchbook paper. Sealed with Faber-Castell fixative and signed by the artist.

Get 2-3 of these and create a beautiful art display!

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“This sketchbook followed me from cafe to cafe when I spent a few months in Thailand in 2016. It was easy to be connected and open and to get into the creative soul flow in the warm breeze, under swaying palm trees. The city got flooded one day out of nowhere, and whilst I passed the street with water over my knees, my hotel room on the second floor got flooded. Thankfully I had placed my art materials on the table on and the artworks made it, although water was leaking in from every direction.”

“What stayed with me about that day was that the man in the grocery store kept a happy face when his business was in disarray. His shop was crumbling. All the Thais I met that day, as I waded around with jaw dropped, were smiling. And happy. And completely accepting of the sudden chaos and destruction that had descended upon the city. It will be ok, they said. And yes, it will.”

This artwork is a part of the oracle deck Return to Love.

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Blocked Vision