‘Serenity’ was inspired by a recent meditative experience. It relates to the importance of self-love, a deep connection with oneself and the Divine Mother, and an opening of the heart which can allow us to receive the many blessings from the universe.


This painting is the first painting in a series of works on the themes of meditation, healing and the Divine. Miss Dianadottir is a spiritual artist, who has experienced many transcendental events during meditation and in nature. A recent trip to India inspired this new series of works.

Gold is used frequently in Dianadottir’s works across different mediums to symbolise the Divine, and in this piece the gold is entering from above in a rain of light. The artist believes that we can all develop our own unique relationship with the spiritual elements of existence and that we are faced with the challenge of energetic integration, to connect with our souls and to the Divine. This painting is an exploration and a celebration of both the tangible and the intangible.

Large! 97 W x 146 H x 2.5 D cm

Materials: Top quality professional Liquitex acrylics, Liquitex acrylic mediums, Faber/Castell pens, 100% linen canvas by Berge Plus, acid free, 450 grs/m2. Sealed with painting varnish from Sennelier. Signed by the artist on verso.

Corsica, 2018

Signed and varnished. Not framed or stretched. Ships within 10 days from the UK, rolled and packed carefully in a sealed tube. Shipping is not included in the price. Based on the buyer’s address, I calculate the cost for various shipping methods, and it’s up to the buyer to decide what type of shipping they prefer.