Walk with the Archangels | Daily Prayer to the Archangels for Peace, Love, Protection & Joy

Enjoy Increasing Levels of Love, Light and Joy in Your Life!

Receive seven new prayers to the Archangels every week delivered to your e-mail in the form of an mp3.

With each prayer, we fill ourselves up with divine love, light, beauty and joy.

We also call in the presence of the divine archangels and divine angels of love, accomplishment, strength, light, peace and joy! They are then able to walk by our side each day, blessing our lives, projects, relationships, bodies, and souls.

Each mp3 is sent out before midnight the day before, meaning that you have access to it no matter how early you wake up.

Join for £5 per week or £15 for 4 weeks. Pay as you go, no subscription is necessary. Your membership begins the day of your purchase, European time.

The Content

The prayers are 2-6 minutes long in English and/or Light Language (a language of the soul) with sound healing on occasion. These are non-religious, spiritual prayers full of gratitude and joy.

We end every week with a Divine Decree on Sundays in English and/or Light Language (a language of the soul) with sound healing on occasion.

Every now and then, we might replace a prayer with a devotional song to the Archangels.

Mp3 is the perfect format for your digital devices. Add the files to your mobile music player for easy access throughout the day to boost your connection to the beloved, unconditionally loving Archangels. The files will organize automatically in albums in your music library for easy lifelong access.

Why Join?

Join this healing circle to be held in the divine presence of the Archangels, day and night.


It is important that you listen to the prayer at least once in the morning and once before bedtime to activate their presence and protection.


As you probably know, they will assist you in innumerable ways when you make space for them in your daily life. Receive inspiration, raise your frequency, feel held and supported, be guided in life, and enjoy increasing levels of love, light and joy in your life!


My Purpose

I decided to start this practice in September 2023 because there are so many different types of energies and influences out there, and it is so easy to find oneself a bit off-track spiritually. But we can always find refuge in the safe haven of the Archangels.


Archangel Metatron asked me to start this practice over two years ago. Now I sincerely feel that we all need them by our side each day for a positive and safe life experience. They are our Divine Anchors, Lighthouses, and Guardians.


Listening to a prayer or devotional song every day is so easy, and it makes the world of a difference, spiritually and energetically.


Blessings of freedom and joy,