XXIII Total Alignment

Today’s oracle card from my deck Return to Love is XXIII Total Alignment – Your Connection is Established.

In the perspective of indigenous cultures, we connect to God and the Earth in our relationship to Father Sky and Mother Earth. This may or may not be concepts that resonate with you, but again, they are just concepts to describe the indescribable.

Highlighted in this card is the understanding that you are the connection between the two—an organic breathing channel—capable of channeling Divine Energies for the benefit of this planet and all life on Earth.

You are welcome here.
You are needed here.

Are you not feeling at home here? Many healers have come from other parts of the Universe to help out to raise the vibration and to bring more awareness to the planet and all life on Earth. When you receive the card Total Alignment you are reminded that you are here to be of service for the highest good of all; to bring new levels of love; to express your truths freely and let your love flow out into the world in a way that comes natural to you.

You are welcome here. You are needed here. And you have the ability to establish a crisp, clear, deep, and unpenetrable connection to the Heart of God and the Heart of Gaia. It will benefit everyone and this is a part of your mission as an awakening being.

We know how you have toiled, struggled, persevered, despite being knocked down again and again. Your foremost strength is compassion. Remember that as you continue on your journey.

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Today’s card XXIII Total Alignment is a resounding “Congratulations!”

We know how you have toiled, struggled, persevered, despite being knocked down again and again by people and energies and sub- and unconscious forces fearing the truth and the brightness of your light.

But here you are. With an established connection between the Heart of God and the Heart of Gaia. To serve those who are still afraid to open up and let go of the old paradigms of fear, greed, competition, control, jealousy, gossip, envy, and domination.

Your foremost strength is compassion.
Remember that as you continue on your journey.

When you are centred with compassion in your heart, you don’t judge, and you also don’t get pulled down into unconsciousness, as would be the case if you got ensnared in sympathy.

When you sympathise, you agree that the pain is real. When you have compassion, you keep your perspective of love and peace and neutrality. You keep your truth.

Energy exercise to establish the God-Gaia connection

You can sit down or stand up for this exercise, but it’s really great if you can do it outside on the ground, touching it directly without any plastic in between for grounding purposes.

If you sit, find a comfortable position with your back straight, either on the floor/ground or on a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Feel the connection to the earth either through the soles of your feet or your pelvis and drop down a bit more, surrendering to gravity. If you stand, keep feet hip-width apart, relax, pull your shoulders back and let your arms hang heavily. Let the tension go.

Take a couple of deep breaths with your hands on your heart. Connect to your heart for a few moments and be still. Welcome in the 7th Sacred Flame, the Violet Flame of cleansing and transmutation, and direct this flame to cleanse and clear your energy. Release all vibrations that are not of unconditional love. Let go of connections and energy that doesn’t serve you anymore.

You can use visualisation to make this more effective. Set your intention to be of service in alignment with Divine Will and the Highest Good of All and Your Divine Destiny, with Divine Grace, Mercy, and Power.

Then bring in the Golden Light from the Heart of God and let it pour down from the highest dimension that you can access today, and let it flow down into your pillar of light (your Soul Channel), through your body, filling your body and your aura, flowing all the way down into the Heart of Gaia. Just like when the sun is shining on you on a warm summer day, this energy might warm you up and relax you deeply.

This pure unconditional love protects you and keeps you safe and in a beautiful, Divine vibration. Then rest for a few moments in the Heart of Gaia, in the deep, deep, deep core of the Earth. Let her love flow up through your Soul Channel, your pillar of light, blessing you with her crystalline energy. This energy will have different effects on you from day to day. It will heal, empower, awaken, cleanse, and invigorate you when you need that. It will relax, replenish, and restore you when you need that.

It doesn’t matter if you see or sense these energies or not, let it happen in a way that is natural for you. Just allow the love flow from the Heart of God all the way down through your centre down into the Heart of Gaia, and let Her love flow up, all the way through your centre, up into the Heart of God. Allow these energies to mix and flow and expand or swirl…

Let go of the control and just breathe and be centred in your heart. You might be blessed with some incredible visions here and notice that the energy is different each day! Sometimes there might be spirals of energy being released into the collective consciousness, into the world of form, or strong flashes of light coming through. The Cosmos is a joyous mystery

You don’t need to worry about naming any chakras or anything like that, the body knows what to do, and is more complex than the mainstream 7- or 12-chakra system suggests anyways. We don’t need to have all the nitty gritty details. That’s the fear of the mind trying to control things. Your heart has infinite wisdom, so stay connected to your heart and open it, and allow it to lead the way.

It is also great to do walking meditations to connect to Gaia, Mother Earth. Just stroll in a relaxed state of mind and witness her beauty. Get lost in the intricacy of a flower or a tree, their silent grace, bestowing us all with their beauty. Feel the gratitude for that. Thank the flowers for their beauty and thank Mother Earth for her unconditional generosity.

Feel the wind on your skin and take some hyper-aware breaths outside. Feel the presence of the wind, know that there is no emptiness, but energy moving throughout the world, and with your love you have the ability to raise the frequency of the wind to the benefit of everyone around you.

Play with your Divine connections and make them your own, but take responsibility for your energy always. Experiment whilst being aware of your increasing power, knowing that everything that you give out, comes back to you a thousandfold. Grounding will also help you be at your best and hold your centre. The easiest way is to stand or walk at least 30 minutes per day barefoot on the ground.

About the Return to Love Oracle

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