XXXVI Phoenix

Today’s oracle card from my deck Return to Love is XXXVI Phoenix – Rebirth onto a Higher Plane.


Yes, parts of the journey is painful for all of us. Let’s hold there for a moment. If you are feeling sadness, anger, confusion, apathy, lethargy or any range of challenging emotions at this time, you are not alone. You are not doing anything wrong. And it will be ok.

We have been purging old patterns and frequencies and identities and addictions and old energies from bloodlines and timelines, but now we are embarking on something bigger. The release of a dimension. Actually two dimensions because we have already outgrown 4D.

Our deepest wish at the bottom of our Sacred Hearts is to love freely. And so we shall.

Going from 3D to 5D entails so much, but at its core, we are leaving the outdated fear, competition and control based form of living for love, appreciation and freedom.

Freedom of speech.
Of feeling.
Of knowing.

Of desire.
Of wants and needs.
Freedom to hug a tree.

Freedom to help a stranger.
Freedom to do a little dance on the street.
Freedom to smile and laugh for no reason.

This is no hippie babble.
This is to live from love—to BE love—and we can do it.

Not love for one person or some chosen few. Not love for just one community or people that fit our requirements. This is unconditional love for all.

So we rise like the phoenix. Not once or twice, but continuously. It requires tremendous trust and devotion to the heart. It requires that we care for ourselves and listen to our bodies. (Like the Divine Mother embracing us with tender love as her new borns). Gradually we embody our souls more and more, merging the physical and the spiritual. Becoming whole and free as we rise above the ashes of the medieval paradigm that has kept us locked in, locked down, and locked out of the sacred paradise without our hearts.

So, what do we do?

We drop our defences and open our hearts and we let it bleed if it needs to. We let all that old nastiness leave our system. The tension. The walls. The fear that has us contorting ourselves for others and demanding that others do so too. That’s not love, and we know it, and our deepest wish at the bottom of our Sacred Hearts is to love freely. And so we shall, in alignment with the highest good of all.

About the Return to Love Oracle

Return to Love is a 55-card oracle deck with guidebook, meditations, and prayers. This oracle deck gives you Divine guidance and wisdom and I created it for art lovers who want to heal and grow with the Universe!

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