Deep Healing
for Your Mind,
Heart & Soul

Hi, I’m Elínrós

Welcome! My name is Elínrós Díanadóttir. I am cosmic shaman and teacher of enlightenment and ascension, certified master of multidimensional energy work and channelling, light code artist & divine messenger. I am currently working on my second extensive healing modality, Return to Love Oracle, in co-creation with the Karmic Board, the Intergalactic Council, Ashtar Command, Inner Earth, the Family of Light, the Earth Ascension Council, the Galactic Federation, etc. I offer private intergalactic divine energy clearings and powerful dark energy removals remotely. You can join our tribe here and become a member for weekly exclusive transmissions at an affordable price. I also recommend the Return to Light Oracle and the Light Code Library! Namaste, Divine One.

Healing is Always Possible

The first step to healing is to make the choice to be open to the help and guidance that is available to you. You can be happy within no matter what has happened and no matter what is going on. That is the power of your heart! It is infinitely wise and courageous. Your heart knows how to heal. As a healer, I offer a helping hand, but it is essentially the eternal part of you doing the actual work.

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