Welcome! May all beings be happy and free, with hearts buzzing with divine love.

Hi, I’m Elínrós

Welcome Beloved! My name is Elínrós Ying-Yan Díanadóttir. I am a Cosmic Shaman, Divine Union Teacher and Divine Channel. You can join us for daily prayers to the Archangels for daily protection and support. See ‘Walk with the Archangels’ in the main menu.


To heal your soul with the Universe, check out the Return to Light Oracle. It is a unique multidimensional tool to work with your Guides and Spirit in a whole new way.


Exclusive transmissions, workshops, private channeled messages and oracle readings can be found in the shop. Thank you for stopping by, your presence is a gift.


Many many blessings of freedom and joy!

Elínrós Ying-Yan Díanadóttir

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Personal Abundance Transmission
✩ Divine Power – Divine Child Transmission ✩ Visit the Iron Pyrite Crystal Skull ✩
Dissolve Illusions Black Diamond Ray Divine Decree with the Violet Flame

Use my divine oracle the Return to Light Oracle to heal your soul with the universe.

This oracle contains a free healing modality of 80+ video sessions, including a 19-chakra upgrade series. Get your deck and let the adventure begin!

To get in touch, send an e-mail to contact@dianadottir.com. Blessings of freedom and joy!