Divine Ancestors Exclusive Transmission



Divine Masters of Healing and Enlightenment in your spiritual lineage wish to connect very strongly to you now. Your Divine Ancestors are beings of unfathomable power and beauty, stretching throughout the dimensions from Source/God/the Divine One like a string of pearls, reaching all the way to you in your current incarnation.


In this exclusive transmission, you will open and clear the channels to your Spiritual Ancestors. They are your Soul Family, always holding space for you with Reverence, Grace and Unconditional Love.


Length: 1 hour.
Release: December 29 2022, 5 pm GMT.


This is a 1-hour long transmission accessed on YouTube via a secret link. Originally streamed on Vimeo.com on Dec 29, 2022, at 4 pm GMT. Upon purchase, you receive an invitation e-mail with the link to the video. Do not share this link with anyone. It is complex, sacred energywork that is only meant for those who purchase this transmission, and those who receive it as a gift from someone else.


You may purchase this for another, but please provide their e-mail address and full name at check-out. They will then receive the invitation via e-mail.


Preparation: To fully benefit from this transmission, go through the full 16-chakra system upgrade video available for free on YouTube (link) before receiving this transmission. Wait 24 hours between the sessions if you feel you need a break in between. Then allow 48 hours of deep integration time after this transmission. Rest, earth and ground yourself, eat well, avoid strenuous physical exercise, eat well and chill out.