Light Body Session #1 | Atlantis, Lemuria & the Land of Mu




In this magical, multidimensional session we travel to Shambala and enter an Atlantis-Lemuria-Mu Portal to realign, harmonize, and upgrade our light bodies. Receive information regarding the essence of your light body and how you can best support it. This is the first step in a series of Light Body Sessions, in which the deep integration is focused on the basic 7-chakra system. More sessions will follow to cover the full 52 anchor points in the 5D Spirit Merkaba. This session unfolds in five rounds:


1. Introduction channeled from Divine Ascended Masters Serapis Bay, Lady Nada, and White Eagle in Divine Trinity.
2. Channeled Atlantis Transmission for your Divine Masculine.
3. Channeled Lemuria Transmission for your Divine Feminine.
4. Channeled Land of Mu Transmission for your Divine Child.
5. We ground and integrate the energywork. I share information regarding how you can care for your light body going forward.

Channeled by Elínrós Ying-Yan Díanadóttir in Divine Trinity. Includes light language mantras, light codes, sound healing, wisdom in English, sacred geometry, healing, and enerywork. The length of this session is 63 minutes. You will receive an invitation to the video within 15 hours of your purchase. Please provide your YouTube e-mail since the video is a private YouTube video shared via e-mail. Originally released on Thursday, September 14, in the New Moon Energies. Lifelong access.

Payment Options
If you prefer to pay via bank transfer or Revolut, send me an e-mail at for more information.