Spirit Merkaba Workshop



Build, activate, and integrate a 5D Spirit Merkaba to embody your spirit on Earth. This is a 3-hour 15 min workshop. It is quite demanding so I recommend that you save it for a day when you feel well-rested, centered, and ready to give it your full attention for 195 minutes straight. It cannot be broken up into sections but needs to be done in one go.


In this workshop, you will activate 52 activation points in your 5D Spirit Merkaba, seamlessly compatible with your Soul Merkabas. However, the process of spirit embodiment can be a long journey, and this workshop is best understood as an initial activation of this divine potential. To truly embody your spirit requires continuous surrender to your spirit over time, as your karmas reduce and you purify your self, your life, and your multidimensional fields.


How to prepare

Before doing this workshop it is necessary to go through the free full 16-chakra upgrade series, which you find here https://youtu.be/1DvEM4juMTU. If 3 months have passed since you last did the full chakra upgrade, you will need to do it once more before proceeding. Let 48 hours pass before you do the workshop after having done the full chakra upgrade.


How does the workshop work?

In this workshop, you will clearly see where the 52 activation points are and receive clear guidance. You just need to follow the instructions and use your awareness to activate each point with the zero-point technique used in the chakra series.

You can choose whether you want to sit or stand during the activation rounds. This can also be alternated. It might be easier to locate the activation points standing up, especially those outside of your body. Trust your intuition as you go and let your senses lead you to those points shown in the images.


How do I get access?

Upon purchase, you receive an invitation e-mail with the link to the video. Do not share this link with anyone. It is complex, sacred energywork that is only meant for those who purchase this transmission, and those who receive it as a gift from someone else. You may purchase this for another, but please provide their e-mail address and full name at check-out. They will then receive the invitation via e-mail.


What to expect & how to use it

You may feel this deep, powerful and complex energywork very distinctly, but it depends on how you perceive energy. Regardless of how you feel during the building, activation and integration of this Spirit Merkaba, you will receive everything that you are ready for. You must let 6 months pass before you can benefit from this workshop again. In other words, you are able to do this full workshop a maximum of twice per year.

Allow 48 hours of deep integration time. Rest, earth and ground yourself, eat well, avoid strenuous physical exercise (including sex), eat well and chill out.

Length: 195 minutes.


Payment Options

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer or Revolut, send me an e-mail at contact@dianadottir.com for more information.